Contemporary societies are facing two important trends: widespread population aging and rapid diffusion of ICTs. Since old age often implies ailing health and social isolation, societies could embrace the advances in ICTs to enhance social integration, health and active aging. In this context, mobile phones represent an opportunity, due to their already widespread use among older adults and poorly exploited integration with assistive technologies (ATs). The Mobile Aging project is directed towards studying sociotechnical affordances of ATs in mobile phones to foster inclusive and empowered ageing of the heterogeneous group of the elderly.

The main aims of Mobile Aging are focused on:

  • The evaluation of crucial factors that should be considered when designing services on mobile phones that contribute to the subjective and objective dimensions of the quality of life of older people.
  • The development of detailed user profiles based on segmentation of older users of different mobile phones types, based on the study of their lifestyles, needs and motives for mobile phones usage, integration into the social environment, personal characteristics, etc.
  • Benchmarking and usability, accessibility and scalability analysis of existing ATs and mobile phone services for older people.
  • Development of (a) paper prototype(s) of optimal mobile application(s), its evaluation and study of its implementation among potential end-users.

Mobile Aging builds on over two decades of internationally recognized interdisciplinary academic research by the project team in areas of social informatics, mixed-methods data collection and evaluation designs for the elderly as well as gerontology, and the market-driven experience of the research unit at Simobil, the second largest mobile phone carrier (member of the Telekom Austria Group) in Slovenia and the co-funder of the project.


“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

Carl Sagan



Vesna Dolničar

Project Coordinator


Valentina Hlebec



Gregor Petrič



Andraž Petrovčič



Vasja Vehovar



“Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.”

Nicholas Negroponte


The following two lists, categorized by authors’ names and publication titles, include scientific publications that address various aspects of the relationship between older adults and mobile phones, including studies and research into the usability of mobile phones, the analysis of the needs of older adults, mobile communication use, the evaluation of functionalities and ATs on mobile phones in terms of the quality of life of older people, cross-cultural comparisons, etc. For advanced search, a search engine is available.


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